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Language Learning

As English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it is an effective enabler for conducting business. However, to gain a good command of any language, it normally takes a lot of time and practice.FLUENT8 allows for a faster acquisition of the English language.

FLUENT8 is a path-breaking app that will change the way Japanese speakers communicate with the English-speaking world. The app leverages the benefits of AI, voice recognition and other technologies to provide highly customized Business English learning opportunities for users.

The key feature of the FLUENT8 app is its AI-powered Business English “mentor”, which makes the whole learning process more personalized, effective and smooth. With a personalized mentor, it is more effective and efficient for learning to speak English fluently than studying with other methods.

The FLUENT8 app acts as a personal English-trainer for its users. The AI interface of the app allows users to improve their vocabulary at a pace that is suitable for them, and it helps them refine their pronunciation through conversations and by reading aloud. The system provides instant evaluation, helping users to find out mistakes immediately.